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The Mindset Journal 

More than a journal. It’s a practice for success. Start your work day with excitement, ease, and propel you to the next, best version of yourself.

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The Business Planner

The Intentional Business Planner is designed to keep your schedule organized and your focus clear for the days, weeks, or months ahead.

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Tried and tested tools you need to grow and streamline your life and business

I fully understand your desire to feel organized, on top of things, and present to the people who matter most. I also understand that sounds great in theory and is actually much harder in practice. Which is why you shouldn’t have to go at it alone. That’s where I come in...

Skip the endless research and software comparison charts - I’m sharing a few of my favorite resources that have made a clear impact for me personally and for many of the businesses I’ve worked with. 

Please note, some of these contain affiliate links which means I’ll make a small commission at no additional cost to you. I personally use and can confidently recommend each of them.


Made with eco-conscious materials, our signature planner is designed to encourage you to dream fearlessly, set meaningful intentions, and take bold actions.

From busy mums to organised entrepreneurs, the 2023 Ponderlily® planners are perfect to plan your year with intent and help you put yourself back on the agenda.

Designed by yours truly.


uplevel with asana

My friend Louise Henry created THE ONLY project management course that you'll ever need to help you get more productive at work and run your business more efficiently, effectively, and profitably.

Get easy-to-use templates, short lessons, support, and actionable tasks to set up your Asana in 1 day. 

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growth day

I open this app DAILY to start my day on a good note!

Reignite your life and achieve your potential faster with GrowthDay, the world's #1 system for self-improvement.  

Offering a wide range of expert-led courses, planning, and motivational content from the godfather of personal development, Brendon Burchard,  this app will become your best companion on your daily commute.

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What if your favourite Asana board, your Pomodoro Timer, and your vision board had a baby, it would be called Sunsama.

This exceptional productivity app designed to revolutionize the way you manage your tasks and enhance your efficiency. 

Say goodbye to scattered thoughts and hello to enhanced productivity with Sunsama – the ultimate app for accomplishing more in less time.

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