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My experience as an MBA-educated business analyst with 20 years' experience for higher education institutions and corporate settings while growing a thriving e-commerce business while raising twins makes me a unique partner for your podcast, feature article, conference, or event.


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  • Creating work-life balance
  • Finding career fulfillment
  • Building business efficiency 
  • Cultivating positive habits
  • Setting intentional goals

Simple plans

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Not an early riser

Entrepreneur 40+

Corporate 9-5

Mum to twins

Health enthusiast

Professional Bio

efficiency consultant, certified high-performance coach & work-life balance optimization expert


Carina Lawson is a business efficiency consultant, certified high-performance coach™, and the founder of sustainable productivity company Ponderlily Paper & Planners. Her mission is to help high-achieving professionals and entrepreneurs create space in their schedules and find the sweet spot where ease and efficiency meet, so they can feel fulfilled from work to weekend.

Through work-life balance optimization, leadership coaching, and effective planning and organization systems, Carina empowers her clients to achieve outstanding results while getting the rest that they crave. As the founder behind Ponderlily Paper & Planners, Carina has created innovative tools to support individuals in organizing their thoughts,  and setting meaningful goals, and taking consistent actions.

MBA-certified with more than 20 years’ of experience as a business analyst, Carina has been featured on Enterprise Nation UK, BBC Radio and Authority Magazine. She contributed to Stylist magazine and she’s a contributing editor to MomJunction. She speaks on topics ranging from career development, efficient entrepreneurship, and life-work balance.

With a proven track record of success, Carina Lawson is a trusted expert in optimizing performance and achieving work-life integration. She lives in Doha, Qatar with her husband and twin girls.

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