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You’re juggling it all… but you’re worried you might drop something. 

 On the outside, you’re functioning at the top of your game. Smashing your career goals. Checking off to-do lists. Spending time with your partner and kids.

But at the same time - you feel like you’re not fully present. Your mind goes at a million miles a minute. You constantly think about work, your calendar is booked back-to-back, and you’re more tired and stressed than you want to be.

Instead of feeling gloriously in control of your life, you feel like things might fall apart if you take your eye off the ball for a second.

I’m here to help.

Here's a taste of what we can work on together

High-Performance Strategies

You want to accomplish more and have more energy when it comes to your career and professional goals. Our work will give you a curated suite of strategies designed to suit your busy life and help you show up with more courage and impact at work.

Career and Leadership Coaching

As a certified executive coach, I’ll listen to where you’re at and create a personalized game plan that will enable you to be more present, poised, and respected at work, and support you in creating better boundaries and balance.

Habits and Accountability

As a certified habit coach, I will help you build a good habit while learning about habits so that you can get the consistency and focus you crave like it’s second nature.

my mission

To help you lead a fulfilling life with more ease, efficiency, and enjoyment — from work to weekend.


Improve your productivity this week in 5 simple steps

Learn the top 5 high-performance strategies to help you step up your days with more energy, efficiency, and excitement.

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Here's how we can work together:


Strategic Consulting

Strategic advice for the seasoned or soon-to-be business owner who wants big-picture MBA expertise from a certified business analyst in your back pocket. Let's create a plan to grow, sustain, and enjoy your business.

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High Performance Coaching

Elite, science-backed program designed for career professionals to achieve heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence on your march to a more successful, healthy, and fully charged life.



Work-Life Balance Design

Improve your energy, time, and productivity at home and at work. It’s possible to make sustained progress without burning out , without neglecting the boundaries that keep you at your best, and the people in your life.

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Hi there, I'm Carina Lawson.

Certified high-performance coach & business strategist

is an MBA-backed founder to Ponderlily Paper & Planners, Business Efficiency Consultant, Certified Habit and High-Performance Coach™. She supports clients in making empowered decisions with their time to live full out, even when life gets full.

I’m here to help YOU design a thoughtful, intentional schedule that places you front and center of your own agenda, so you can go through your days feeling fulfilled and present... before finishing work and stepping away from your laptop without a backward glance.

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