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What Does Intentional Planning Mean And How To Do It business improvement efficiency & productivity work & career fulfillment

Let’s be honest, no matter how much or little you have on your plate, planning is a guaranteed way that you get it all done efficiently and to the best of your ability. Especially if you are...

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Get Clear on Your Year: Let's Prepare for Success in 2021 business improvement efficiency & productivity

Well, it’s December and I can’t quite believe we’re almost at the end of 2020. It’s been a challenging year and we’ve all been tested in ways we probably never...

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My Top 5 Business Tools That Keep Me Efficient & Motivated business improvement efficiency & productivity

As you start to really dedicate time, energy, and resources toward growing your business, you know the feelings of excitement and motivation that overcome you. It feels like the doors of...

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Gratitude as a Business Planning Practice lifestyle & wellbeing design work & career fulfillment

Entering the Thanksgiving season in the U.S., and the winter holidays around the world, I always feel that this season is a time of giving and gratitude. But as a busy business owner, mom,...

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Crafting The Perfect Out Of Office Message business improvement work & career fulfillment

As a business owner and as someone who works full time, I receive my fair share of emails. I have recently developed the habit of checking my email three times a day. While this habit keeps me on...

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