Do Work and Play Have To Be Separate?

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Whether you work from home or maintain an 8-5 office job, it can be hard to combine both work and play. While our jobs should be something that we love and enjoy doing, it is by no means a ‘recharge’ for most people - this is where hobbies come in. Finding and maintaining a hobby that makes you feel both refreshed and accomplished is imperative and extremely beneficial for leading both a healthy and happy lifestyle. However, I’ll be the first to admit that it can be a time-consuming process both finding the time and the hobby that speaks to you the most.

Here are a few of our tried and true tips to both find the hobby that you enjoy while also making the time needed to allow yourself to enjoy it!

When most people think of hobbies it can bring back memories of the dreaded piano lesson that your parents ‘forced’ you to take or that dusty tennis racket in the back of the garage that you haven’t touched since your highschool glory days. If these are hobbies that you look forward to and enjoy, then step back into them! However, for most people, hobbies that keep your interest typically develop as you get older. Most kids have no interest in gardening but it is such a peaceful and beautiful past time for me now. Here are a few tips I have accumulated for gardening. I would also encourage you to step into one that you admire but know little about. For example, cooking and baking can be therapeutic but I have to watch Youtube videos and read cook books in order to teach myself enough to make it successful. Don’t be afraid to start from ground zero in a new hobby (or an old one!). All this being said, if you start a new hobby and find yourself dreading it daily, don’t be afraid to find a new one. The options are limitless so find what works for you!

Getting your schedule tweaked enough in order to be able to put the stress-free time you need into a new hobby can be stressful in and of itself. Most of us feel as if we don’t have enough time as it is but the thought of taking a few hours a week for ourselves is a luxury seemingly unaffordable.

One way to get ahead of your schedule is to sit down and think about your days - or just the past 24 hours. Write down all that you did from sunup to sundown and go through asking yourself 3 questions: was it productive? Was it necessary? Was it enjoyable? Get honest with yourself as you unpack these 3 questions on your day and eliminate anything that doesn’t match up with any of them. If there are some things that align but not fully, minimize them! Don’t give something more time than it needs, especially if it is something unenjoyable and unproductive. 

We say this alot, but one of the best ways to get on top of your schedule is to PLAN AHEAD! I prefer paper and writing out my to-dos gives me a peace of mind and clarity stepping into my week - allowing for more time and less stress to do the things I love! You can find the paper planners I use here.  When things pop up out of nowhere (as they will) don’t be afraid to say no or that you don’t have the time. Your time is precious and you have to value it as such before anyone else will. 

Staying motivated day by day in work can be hard, especially when you feel like you’re not working towards a goal and it can affect your motivation not only in your work life but also in your personal life. By finding a hobby that makes you feel refreshed and accomplished you can fulfill that motivated need and be able to step into your day job with purpose organization. 

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